Top-Up Listening 3
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كتابهاي آموزش زبان انگليسي   مجموعه كتابهاي آموزش زبان انگليسي Author: Chris Cleary, Bill Holden and Terry Clooney
Published by: ABAX, 2003
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Top-Up Listening 3 (Book+Audio CD)
Recognizing situations. Recognizing sounds. Unlocking meaning.
A 3-part series. For lower level ESL/EFL. Used in summer programs and other introductory ESL/EFL courses for international students.

Teaching English as it is actually spoken
Top-Up gives students practice in drawing meaning from naturally spoken English in two ways: using their knowledge of the world and of the language to guess what''s coming next, and using their knowledge of how English is actually structured as a sound.
Whaddaweemean? - how words run together, how sounds are lost, how vowels naturally weaken and entire words are dropped. Without knowledge of such patterns, listening is impossible. Lots of practice! Lots of variety!

Sample pages
Sample teacher''s notes
Sample audio files: 1, 2, 3

Table of Contents: Top-Up Listening 3
Table of Contents
Units Listening Clinics Topic and Themes
1. Good to see you again Weak Vowels/ Joined Sounds Meeting old friends
2. I''ve lost my rucksack Stressing New Information Describing personal belongings
3. I''d like you to meet my brother Mixed Sounds Meeting new people
4. Final call for Flight EA42 Changing Sounds Understanding announcements at the airport
5. It''s a great deal! Stress in Sentences Commercials and advertising
6. That''s not good enough Weak Vowels Complaining about poor service
7. Did you see the paper? Lost Sounds Numbers in news stories
8. We can''t have any mistakes Lost Sounds Planning a bank robbery
9. How are we feeling today? Requests and Commands Going to see the doctor
10. Could you give me a hand? Stressing Important Information Getting people to do things
11. This is the six o''clock news Helping Sounds Following a news report
12. Can I take a message Weak Vowels Taking and leaving phone messages
13. How do you work this? Stressing Important Information Explaining how to use machines
14. Things have changed Mixed Sounds Describing changes
15. I don''t believe you! Review Girlfriends and boyfriends


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