The Woman in Black
تاريخ : جمعه، 21 دي ماه ، 1386
موضوع : طنز و داستان انگليسي

  مجموعه كتابهاي آموزش انگليسيكتابهاي آموزش انگليسي Author: Susan Hill
Published by: MacMillan Publisher
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Macmillan Readers Level 3
A young solicitor, Arthur Kipps comes to the funeral of Mrs Alice Drablow, an elderly widow who lived alone in solitary Eel Marsh House. The house is at high tide completely cut off from the mainland. At the funeral Arthur spots a woman dressed in black and with a pale face. While he is sorting through Mrs Drablow''s papers at Eel Marsh House, he hears noises, and experiences chilling events and hauntings by the Woman in Black. He hears a sound of horse and cart in difficulty and terrible child''s screams.   Most of the people in town don''t want to speak about Mrs Drablow and the mysterious Woman in Black.

But later he learns that Mrs Drablow''s sister, Miss Jennet Humfrye, gave birth to a boy who was later adopted by Mr and Mrs Drablow. One day the boy travelled in a cart with a pony and got lost and sank into the marshes. Her motherJannet saw it from the window. She was devastated and later died of a heart failure. But Janet returned to  haunt Eel Marsh House as the Woman in Black. Every time she was seen, one child from the town died. After the work is finished, Arthur Kipps returns to London and marries and has a child. One sunny Sunday while his wife and child are enjoying a carriage ride, Arthur suddenly sees the Woman in Black once more. She steps out in front of the horse pulling the carriage. The horse is scared and runs away, killing the child and fatally injuring Arthur''s wife. The woman in Black has won her terrible "game".   Dowload mp3 (21 MB - 32 kbps) + book (plain text) - rapidshare - I AGREE button     Dowload book (1,4 MB - word document with pictures)  or   Password :

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