Tests in English. Word-Formation
تاريخ : سه شنبه، 7 اسفند ماه ، 1386
موضوع : ديكشنري و اصطلاحات

Tests in English. Word-Formation Tests in English. Word-Formation
by Mariusz Misztal WSiP SA Wydawn.Szkolne i Pedagogiczne 3rd ed.
pages 232 | ISBN: 8302069639
PDF + DjVu | 50 (or 15) + 12 MB
This publication is a collection of exercises concerning word-formation and is designed for intermediate and advanced students of Polish liceum, as well as university students and teachers.   

 The book consists of the following parts: Prefixes, Sufixes, Compound Nouns, Compound Adjectives, Compound Verbs, Clipping, Blending and Acronyms. Each part is divided into chapters containing short intoduction and exercises to a particular kind of preffixes and suffixes. Specially marked exercises (Revision Exercises) may be copied by students. The answer key to all exercises has also been added.

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