English Vocabulary Elements
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English Vocabulary Elements Book Description
This unique text draws on the tools of modern linguistics to help the student acquire an effective understanding of learned, specialized, and scientific vocabulary. English Vocabulary Elements (EVE) helps develop familiarity with over 350 Latin and Greek word elements in English, and shows how these roots are the building blocks within thousands of different words.

Along the way the authors introduce and illustrate many of the fundamental concepts of linguistics. Offering a thorough approach to the expansion of vocabulary, EVE is an invaluable resource that provides students a deeper understanding of the language. This book will be useful to upper level high school students, undergraduates in English, Linguistics, and Classics departments, ESL students, and anyone interested in building vocabulary skills. This edition is refined and thoroughly updated. It includes updated cultural references, and the authors have revised and improved the pedagogy based on classroom experience. In particular they account for variations in pronunciation among students; clarify when historical details are important or peripheral; and improve the many examples and exercises that form the core of the book.

About the Author
The late Keith Denning was Associate Professor of Linguistics, Eastern Michigan State University. Brett Kessler is a Researcher in Cognitive Science, Wayne State University. William R. Leben is a Professor of Linguistics, Stanford University. http://rapidshare.com/files/78830416/English.Vocabulary.Elements.0195168038.rar or http://rapidshare.com/files/61019391/vocabulary.elements.rar

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